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Kitchen Inspections

This is a brief overview of the kitchen to ensure that the kitchen / food preparation areas are acceptable.
Ensuring compliance with the law / company policy in relation to all aspects of safety.

Microbial Swab Analysis

The analysis of swab samples in a microbiological investigation can be an invaluable tool to help trace contamination pathways. Often used in hard to samples areas, such as ice machines or under cupboards this approach offers an opportunity to monitor bacteria around key infection routes.

Cleaning Schedule

One of the biggest challenges of a running a busy place is keeping the kitchen clean. With a multitude of activities happening all the time, from grease to parsley ground into the cutting boards, to mysterious items being found in the back of the reach-in cooler, regular cleaning can seem overwhelming if you don’t have a documented management system in place.

Safety Service Certification

Participants who satisfy the course requirements will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

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