Environmentally Friendly Business

Introducing innovation for a sustainable future

We promote:

  • The sustainable use of raw materials

  • Continual innovation to reduce the environmental impact

  • Reduction in the use of non-sustainable products

  • A circular economy

  • A sustainable and responsible supply chain, recognising environment and social impact.

Supply chain partners

Working closely with our preferred suppliers will deliver new and innovative products and systems to help our customers improve their sustainability and reduce their impact on the environment


Paper Manufacturers

Essity, kimberly Clark & Metsa Serla – FSC and PEFC accredited- responsible sourcing from sustainable forests

Matryx and Northwood – UK sourced recycled paper and manufacture

Our paper suppliers are selected not only for their innovative concepts but because they are responsible in sourcing their raw materials and utilising manufacturing processes that use less water and energy, producing less waste and emissions.

Chemical and skincare suppliers

Key partners provide innovative systems to reduce packaging waste by up to 90% and /or utilise sustainable products to reduce product usage and cost. Sales of more sustainable chemical dosing systems has been very successful in delivering both improved costs in use and reductions of up to 90% in packaging waste.

Catering Disposables

This is the most challenging area due to the wholesale use of single-use plastics, but we are working hard with our key supply chain partners to offer sustainable alternatives. Manufacturers recognise the need for rapid change and we are seeing great new innovative products that are coming to market for the benefit of all of us. It is our role to be proactive in making sure our customers are aware of these products to bring an accelerating rate of change to a more sustainable future.

Our range already includes many products made from:
Bagasse ( sugar cane pulp residue)
PLA & CPLA (polylactic acid a biodegradable plastic made from sugar cane and corn starch)
Paperboard and wood
Biodegradable and compostable plastic alternatives.

What are we doing?

Good practice starts at home and we understand that we have a responsibility to make internal improvements.

From a recycling perspective, we have moved from a level of less than 10% to over 80% of materials used on site over the last 12 months.

Minimisation of none recyclable products is also a focus, if we don’t need it we don’t use it, thus reducing demand and the subsequent disposal.

We now offer all our customers using our 10L and 20L auto dishwasher and laundry chemicals, a drum collection service to reduce their waste costs and carbon footprint, these are washed and reused keeping them in a carbon neutral cycle.

Lighting is LED throughout with infrared sensor to warehouse areas reducing electricity demand and cost.

Our social responsibility encourages employment of local people, the use of local suppliers and manufacturers to help the local economy and subsequently reduce traffic and pollution.