Domestic and commercial equipment hire throughout the North-West and Yorkshire. 

Why Powercare?

24 Hour Support

The cost of breakdown and repair is covered in your hire and should your machine go offline we'll have an engineer with you in 24 hours.

Affordable Hire Rates

Avoid large capital outlays and spreads the cost over the hire term

Flexibble Rental Terms

Hire equipment for only the period you require, from as little as a weekend up to 3 years. Each agreement is tailored to your individual requirements.

Machine Category

Cold Water Pressure Washers

We have a great range of light to medium duty machines available in 110v, 240 v and 415v 3phase. Compact and manoeuveralbe providing maximum mobility for the majority of applications. With a variety of flow rates and pressures to help you tackle cleaning tasks, our cold pressure washers have lots of special features to make cleaning easier and more efficient during prolonged use. A high build quality enssures durbility and relaiblility for a long and dependable service life.


Flow rate: 500l/hr to 1000l/hr
Operating pressures 30 bar to 250bar

Hot Water Pressure Washers

Our range of middle to super class portable hot water machines deliver exceptional levels of performance, relaibility and economy. Equipt with high efficeincy burners these machines reduce fuel consumption by upto 20% and most of these machines come with storage areas for your PPE, accessories and cleaning agents.


Available in 110v, 240v and 415v 3 phase
Flow rate 350l/hr to 1000l/hr
Operating pressures 30bar to 200bar

Steam Cleaners

We offer two differnt models of steam cleaners, both which provide thorough and hygienic deep cleaning without the use of chemicals. With varialbe steam pressures and levels they can be easily adapted to any cleaning task, removing even the most stubborn dirt and grease. Their versatility makes them perfect for cleaning kitchen and bathroom appliances, floors, and walls. Integrated storage comes as standard for a range of accessories. Their two-tank system facilitates continual use helping you to finish the task at hand.

Accessories: A range of hand tools, nozzles and brushes


Available in 110v, 240v and 415v 3 phase
Flow rate 350l/hr to 1000l/hr
Operating pressures 30bar to 200bar

Scrubber Driers

Clean floors keep your employees and visitors safe by removing the risk of slip and trip hazards caused by wet and dirty floors. Improve their appearance, longevitiy and hygiene by hiring one of our great range of scrubber driers. They are tailored to meet the needs of educational, retail, commercial, and healthcare facilities. Using the correct scrubber drier ensures maximum productivity and performance helping you to deliver consistently outstanding results every time. This range includes both walk behind and ride on units.


Head width; 30cm to 50cm
Cleaning area performance; 200 sq.m/ hr to 2000 sq.m/hr
Available in 110v, 240v and battery


Take the hard work out of indoor and outdoor sweeping with our walk behind and self propelled pedestrian sweepers. Whatever your needs we have battery and petrol powered units available to help you tackle even the largest of areas.


Area performance; Up to 3825 sq.m per hour.
Working width; from 480mm to 1050mm with 2 side brushes
Battery life time; 2.5 hours

Vaccum Cleaners

A range of upright dry vacuum and wet and dry tub vacuums offering excellent performance and ease of use. Powerful and efficient cleaning technology optimises performance for cleaning both carpets and hard floors. A range of tools and accessories are included to ensure that your cleaning requirements are fulfilled.


Capacity – dry vacuums ; 9L to 23L
Capacity – wet vacuums 15L to 70L

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners

Spray extraction cleaners provide efficient and effective cleaning of carpets and upholstery. Our machines are suitable for carehomes, commercial premises, hotels and education facitlities. Flexible suction tools and a rotating plastic lip improves floor contact enhancing performance and ease of use. These can be used in conjunction with our AB20 Karcher air blower to reduce drying times of spray extracted and shampooed carpets by up to 70%.


Maximum performance area 20 – 25sq.m per hour voltage 240v
Accessories: Range of floor and upholstery tools

Floor Buffers and Polishers

Low and high speed buffing machines available to meet the needs of all floor stripping, cleaning and polishing tasks. Beating traditional methods, being easier to operate, saving moneyand effort to provide an excellent result every time.

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About Us

Shorrock Trichem offer a comprehensive range of pressure washers and floor care equipment, available for both short and long term hire. All our equipment is fully serviced and maintained and is available for 2 day delivery throughout the Northwest of England and West Yorkshire. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be pleased to advise you on selecting the correct machine to undertake cleaning tasks.

Beyond our standard list of equipment we also have access to larger and more specialised equipment upon request. Please contact our team for further details.


Our hire terms are from as little as a weekend to 3 years.

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