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The Grey Squirrel is a surprisingly large animal, its head and body being around 25cm in length with a tail almost as long again and weighs in at around half a kilogram. Active during the day – and most especially around dawn and dusk – they forage for a wide range of food, including fruits and fungi in addition to their traditional diet of nuts and they will also take eggs or young birds.

They breed twice a year – in early spring and then again in the summer – producing three or four young, though exceptionally up to nine may be born. These youngsters will themselves be able to breed at a year old.


If squirrels gain access to your property, particularly the loft or attic voids, they can be very destructive and cause major damage. Like other rodents, their teeth grow throughout their lives (like human fingernails). This constant chewing can lead to damage to electrical wiring, pipes and the fabric of buildings this can lead to fires, floods and expensive repair bills.

Treatment and control

Is achieved by stopping ingress. This can be done by professional builders or pest controllers after a thorough survey is completed. Resident squirrels can be removed by trapping.

* Please note that it is a criminal offence to re-release a captured grey squirrel back into the wild as responsible pest control is a vital part of conservation and wildlife management.

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