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Most moths in the UK (and there are over 200 species) are harmless, however smaller numbers (of smaller moths) are seen as pests as they can cause damage to soft furnishings textiles and materials.

Identifying Issues and Infestations

Moths can enter homes business via flying, walking or being carried in on shopping, clothing or in other goods. The adult moth actually does little damage, it’s the larvae (or caterpillar) that can digest natural fibres (keratin) in fabrics, they can also damage leather and fur.

This type of moth can often originate from birds’ nests. If not recognised and treated Moth can do a lot of damage to carpets, clothing, soft furnishings and even historic artefacts.
Moths do not pose any health risk to humans.

Treatment and control

Treatment again starts by locating and removing the source of the infestation, this could be anything from a bird’s nest in the attic/loft to clothing stored in boxes.
Insecticidal treatment and monitoring using moth pheromone traps will help remove the adult and larval stages of the activity and generally there is no need for longer-term control in residential situations unless stored goods or artefacts need protecting.

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