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What are the different kinds of mice?

They can squeeze through holes and gaps the size of a Biro pen, meaning that no building is safe from intrusion. They have to continually gnaw and chew at things to ensure that their constantly growing incisor teeth do not overlap.

Identifying Issues and Infestations

This can vary from hearing scratching noises in the loft or wall cavities, seeing droppings which are black/grey torpedo are shaped and between 3-7mm long, finding chewed up paper/damaged stored food, seeing gnawing damage on door frames, carpets or skirting boards to seeing live mice.

Mice are nocturnal by nature, so are often not around when we are awake, this means evidence of infestation can sometimes be overlooked in the first instance. They prefer the dark and have very bad eyesight, they do however have a very good memory that allows them to build a mental picture to ensure they can move fast in the darkness when disturbed, this is referred to as kinesthesis. Another trait of mice as that they are incontinent, this, unfortunately, means that they soil all surfaces and equipment they come into contact with spreading serious diseases such as Salmonella and Hantavirus.

Treatment and control

As well as clearing a mouse infestation you should also consider how they first entered, as mentioned earlier, they can pass through small holes and gaps so proofing of these is important in aiding control. Hygiene and Housekeeping are also very important as any food waste or spillages will offer alternatives to rodenticide treatments and may impact on success.

This is why a thorough survey is important in determining a successful treatment plan.

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