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The main risks to humans from common flies is disease caused by contaminated food or food preparation surfaces. Common disease carried by flies are Typhoid fever, Dysentery, Cholera, Tularaemia, Anthrax, Leprosy or Tuberculosis – though thankfully not all in the UK

Treatment and control

Like most pests control is achieved by preventing ingress by installing insect screens and fly strip curtains, removing breeding sites (inside and outside), treatment of breeding sites, improved housekeeping and hygiene and internal control using electronic fly control systems. Pest Solutions can survey and help in all instances of control, from proofing and installation to cleaning advice and removal.

A free site survey carried out by an expert from Pest Solutions UK will determine the type of fly causing the problem; the best treatment (whether this is insecticidal or proofing) and help with housekeeping advice and cleaning.

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