Covid-19 Waste Management

Shorrock Trichem is supporting companies with the safe collection and correct disposal of potential infectious waste.

We will ensure you are compliant with legislation around clinical and hazardous waste.

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Correct Hazardous Waste Management

Under the Government guidance “Covid-19: guidance for injection prevention and control”, Any waste generated from a possible or confirmed case of coronavirus must be disposed of as Category B waste.

This is identified as ORANGE-STREAM INFECTIOUS WASTE – waste known or suspected to contain pathogens in Category B suitable for disposal by alternative treatment. 

Any infectious waste produced including PPE should be disposed of into orange clinical waste bags and handled accordingly.

Coronavirus Testing

When carrying out coronavirus testing, your staff will be using a large variety of equipment including masks, gloves, visors, protective gowns, and aprons. 

These can all be disposed of into the orange clinical waste bags and collected by us.

If you are carrying out finger prick tests, you will require a sharps container for the used needles.

Please note, we also offer a selection of hand / toilet sanitisers to help keep you safe.

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