Electrolux myPRO Dryer

8kg Light Commercial Tumble Dryers

myPRO is designed for small businesses that need laundry solutions stronger and faster than standard domestic appliances. Businesses that require durable Washers and Dryers. 3 x Longer lifetime, myPRO can replace up to 6 domestic washers.

  • Superb hygiene with corrosion-proof bicolour exterior
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel top and front
  • Stylish, classy, and sturdy Easy operation
  • Robust knob for easy selection of program
  • Start button directly under the knob Fast and ergonomic operation thanks to specially designed door robust pull-to-open door
  • Peace of mind with child-safe door
  • Easy to push open from inside Space savings with stacked solution
  • Stack the Dryer on the Washer to save maximum floor space

Key Features

Main Specification

0 Kg
0 L
Drum Volume
0 dB
Drying Noise


Energy Consumption

Comparison with other Light Commercial Tumble Dryers

  • MyPRO Dryer
  • 8 Kg
  • 120 Litres
    Drum Volume
  • 70 dB
    Drying Noise
  • Electric
    Heating alternatives
  • A
    Energy Consumption
  • H:850mm W:596mm D:625mm
  • Giant C+ Dryer
  • 10 Kg
  • 207 Litres
    Drum Volume
  • 62 dB
    Drying Noise
  • Electric, Gas, Heat Pump
    Heating alternatives
  • 5.8 Kw
    Energy Consumption
  • H:983mm W:760mm D:764mm

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