Shorrock Trichem 03 Ozone Cabinet

Commercial Disinfection Unit

The exclusive Shorrock Trichem 03 Ozone Cabinet is perfect for odour removal and sanitizing requirements. This unit is effective for sanitizing and odour removal for all work uniforms, costume hire and theatrical items as well as flood or fire damaged items.

The 03 Ozone Cabinet is provided with selectable electronic programmes designed to sanitise all numerous items from footwear through to textiles suffering from low medium, and heavy odours. The cabinet is transportable and can be fitted with castors so it can be mobilised in areas where there is access to an electrical socket. The “Sanitizing Ozone” is produced within the cabinet and then destroyed with no requirement for external ventilation.

Areas for use:
Our Shorrock Trichem 03 Cabinets are perfect for any retail outlet; Theatres/Costume Hire, Hotels, Emergency departments, Dry cleaners etc. This is an essential piece of equipment for Catalogue Companies for sterilising and removing odours on returned clothing items. this fast turnaround solution allows items to be resold/used that may otherwise have to be disposed of. This unit will cleanse difficult to clean and specialist clean only fabrics and designs, such as hats, fire rescue tunics, footwear and non-washable materials.

Supplied and fitted with a hanging rail and shelf to accommodate a variety of clothing items, Single door with safety lock for ease of access, user friendly selection screen to set programmes.

Guaranteed disinfection, Unique destruct facility so no need for external vent, pre-set programmes for varying depths of odours and contamination

Ozone is 3200 times stronger than chlorine bleach. Our 03 Ozone cabinet effectively destroys bacteria, smells, and odours. Ideal for commercial use when health and safety is a concern

Viro Cube / Deluxe

Commercial Disinfection Unit

A light weight portable generator with inbuilt ozone destruction cycle to remove ozone after use. 

This unit is easily portable, and so is suitable for sanitisation of smaller rooms and multiple rooms applications.

Ozone production capacities of up to 8gr/hr are available, with 8 programmes of use from 15 minutes to 24 hrs.

The Viro Cube Deluxe can be controlled remotely with a wireless connection from smartphone or tablet.

Key Information

Main Specification

0 gm
Per Hour
0 min
to 24 Hours cycles

Sales or Rental
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