Tolon Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers

The Tolon brand symbolises the partnership between the global leader in commercial laundry machines and the no.1 global manufacturer of heavy duty laundry equipment in Jensen. Both Tolon and Jensen have built their reputations based on quality and innovation and as a result they have exceed other manufacturers on both product and price.

At Shorrock Trichem we are always looking to improve our commitment to our customers. With a rich heritage since 1937, TOLON are a great fit as the company values match our own. The products are extremely robust with reliability the key focus


Rental options are available, we guarantee the lowest rental prices on the market.

Tolon TWE10

10kg Washing Machine

Tolon TWE15

15kg Washing Machine

Tolon TWE18

18kg Washing Machine

Tolon TWE24

24kg Washing Machine

Tolon TWE28

28kg Washing Machine

Tolon TWE40

40kg Washing Machine

Tolon TWE60

60kg Washing Machine

Tolon TWE110

110kg Washing Machine

Tolon TD20

20Kg Tumble Dryer

Tolon TRD11

10.5kg Tumble Dryer

Tolon TRD16

16.5kg Tumble Dryer

Tolon TRD23

23kg Tumble Dryer

Tolon TRD28

27.5Kg Tumble Dryer

Tolon TRD33

33Kg Tumble Dryer

Tolon TRDS11

10.5kg Stacked Tumble Dryer

Tolon TRDS16

16Kg Stacked Tumble Dryer

Tolon TTD20

20kg Tumble Dryer

Tolon TTD40

40kg Tumble Dryer

Tolon TTD60

60kg Tumble Dryer

Tolon TTD110

110kg Tumble Dryer

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