Commercial Undercounter Glass Washer

Compact and powerful.

Undercounter Glass Washer Range

Our commercial Inoksan glass washers are utilised daily by a range of different industries, providing high-quality, unbeatable performance in compact, under-counter solutions.

What are glass washers?

A glass washer machine acts like a standard dishwasher, but is specifically designed to carefully and thoroughly clean glassware. From pint glasses to wine and gin glasses, a glasswasher will clean a range of delicate items quickly, thoroughly and safely.

How well do commercial glass washers work?

Our commercial glass washers are produced with quality stainless steel, boast 3 washing programmes to best suit the glassware and can be adapted to reflect user usage by changing wash time, rinse time and temperature.

Can I rent a glasswasher?

We offer both rental, lease and sale of our glasswashers. Our rental packages are all-inclusive, covering breakdowns through low-cost monthly payments with no upfront costs.