Commercial Passthrough Dishwasher

Fast and efficient.

Hood Type Dishwasher Range

Our commercial passthrough machines and hood type dishwashers work well for all types of dishes, glassware and cutlery. Fast and efficient, our machines are great for commercial use and provide excellent results every time.

What is a pass through dishwasher?

A pass-through dishwasher will have a pull-down hood, hence the alternative name hood type dishwasher, and will feed in dirty dishes and feed out clean ones. It is best used in larger kitchens as it can wash equipment at a height of 265mm.

How do commercial pass through dishwashers work?

Our commercial pass-through dishwashers are produced with quality stainless steel, have 3 washing programmes to best suit the dishes being washed and can be adapted easily to change wash time, rinse time and temperature.

Can I rent a pass-through dishwasher?

We offer both rental and sale of our dishwashers. To rent our machines, our packages are fully inclusive with low monthly payment costs. The rental package covers all breakdowns and dishwasher repairs.