Shorrock Trichem are the sole UK and Ireland importers for Tolon and LG Commercial washing machines and tumble dryers

Our Commercial Washing machines are specifically designed for all heavy duty use.
Rental options are available, we guarantee the lowest rental prices on the market.

Tolon TWE10

10kg Washing Machine

Tolon TWE15

15kg Washing Machine

Tolon TWE18

18kg Washing Machine

Electrolux WH6-8

8kg Washing Machine

Electrolux WH6-11

11kg Washing Machine

Electrolux WH6-14

14kg Washing Machine

Electrolux W575H

8kg Washing Machine

Electrolux W5105H

11kg Washing Machine

Electrolux W5130H

14kg Washing Machine

Commercial OPL coin operated and card control machines available

We have the experience of working with large public sector departments and are familiar with the tendering and contract systems used by such organisations. We have the internal resources to meet any size of business grade laundering requirement. We also work particularly well with Local Authorities and can offer a number of different laundry and catering solutions to suit different departments

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