Rack Type Dishwasher

A small compact rack conveyor dishwasher with a huge capacity capable of up to 150 racks per hour. 2 speed operation gives total flexibility due to workload and debris – 90 and 150 racks per hour. 

Compact in size measuring only 1800mm long suitable for large restaurants, hotels, service stations, hospitals, function suites and wherever large capacities are required for quick turnaround of pots, pans and crockery ensuring -clean and dry equipment ready for reuse. The machines are 415v electrics with automatic basket recognition for efficient operation and are fully compliant with a WRAS approved

Made from AISI304 quality stainless steel sheet with large door access for easy cleaning. Fitted with independent inlet water pressure regulator valve and all electrical components easily accessible from the front with clear digital thermometers constantly indicating the operating temperatures.

We offer a full site survey and technical support service to ensure your requirements are carefully met.

Key Features

Main Specification

0 pcs/h
Plate Capacity
0 °
Rinse Temperature
0 bar
Max Water Input Pressure
0 Kw
Max Energy Consumption