Conveyor Type Dishwasher

The machines are produced with high quality materials such as thick AISI 304 stainless steel in order to provide long years of usage. In general, they are composed of a prewashing unit, one-to three washing part(s) and double rinsing units. However, they may also be shipped together with dryer group and condensation collector. 

Depending on the order, the protective panels may be in isolated type. The dishes are taken automatically into the sections by the conveyor belt. The temperature in the prewashing section is controlled thermostatically between 40-45°C and the dishes prewashed. 

The temperature in the washing section is controlled thermostatically between 55-65°C and the dishes washed. Rinsing water in double rinsing section are pumped by feeder pump into the pre-rinsing arms. In final rinsing section rinsing is realized by thermostatically controlled 85°C water. 

Stainless steel washing, prewashing and rinsing arms and couplings make fast maintenance and disassembly easier.

Key Features

Main Specification

0 pcs/h
Plate Capacity
0 °
Rinse Temperature
0 bar
Max Water Input Pressure
0 Kw
Max Energy Consumption