EnviroShot is our new range of environmentally friendly commercial cleaning products designed to reduce the use of single use plastics and to diminish annual landfill burden. Each product formula in the EnviroShot range is 100% biodegradable and all of our packaging is fully compostable.

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Our soluble capsules help you use the right dosage every time

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All of our trigger bottles are colour coded with our packaging for easy assignment

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Finding space to store your floor care products is easy with up 150 capsules per box

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Our laundry capsules work across a range of temperatures and are compatible with all fabrics

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Switching to EnviroShot means no more expensive dosing equipment

Step 1

Put water in the bottle

Step 2

Add a single sachet to the bottle

Step 3

Shake until sachet is fully dissolved

Enviro-Care - Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

Step 4

You're ready to start cleaning

*This is for commercial customers only*

Enviro Shot – Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products are 100% bio-degradable, they are also specially designed to minimise landfill burden, and reduce the use of plastic…..

Enviro Shot – Our Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Are specially designed to minimise landfill burden, and reduce the use of plastic, they are 100% bio-degradable and phosphate free. 

There is a reduced risk to health and safety since operatives are not exposed to the concentrated product, and there is no splashing that is associated with liquids.

The sachets also provide controlled dosage. Each sachet contains the correct amount so there is no waste or overuse – saving money.

Finally, there is less packaging, which results in lower transportation costs, lower emissions, and reduced need for storage space. For example, one Euro pallet contains 450 boxes of sachets (150 per box). That is 675,000 litres of product, which is comparable to 843 pallets containing traditional 5 litre bottle equivalent measures.

Available for both buckets and refillable trigger bottles, The Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products Range (Enviro Care) includes Multi Care, Glass & Stainless Cleaner, Washroom Cleaner, and Toilet Cleaner.