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Garden Ants


Found in many parts of the world, and prevalent in North and Western Europe, often in close association with man and the urban/industrial environment. This species is a social insect and exists in colonies of many thousands. Typically, colonies or nests are situated underground (sometimes up to 8 feet down) Generally, ants are found in colonies These can be in wall cavities, internally sub-floor, under paving flags and block paving and in gardens. There is a highly complex social behavior that allows the group of insects to succeed in situations where an individual would not. Caste systems have evolved in many species, with specialised members suited to particular tasks, such as foraging or defense.


Primarily a nuisance pest, this species does not pose a significant threat to public health, however certain times of the summer the insects swarm during a nuptial flight. This can cause distress and upset if this occurs within the work or home environment. Workers will forage for food, and in doing so create a problem by their presence.

Treatment and control

Control can be achieved using insecticides in the correct formulation for the environment affected. Pest Solutions UK Technicians are trained to inspect and apply the most effective treatment to control and deter Garden Ant activity, this can now include external baiting where situations allow.

We also offer monitoring and preventative treatments for the pest as part of our Pest Repel programme.

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