Floor and Hard Surface Degreaser

£20.89 Price ex VAT

Our Floor & Hard Surfaces Degreaser is a powerful degreaser which is formulated to clean and degrease all hard surfaces including general floors, walls, tiles and all catering surfaces. The product requires no rinsing. The formulation has a non-tainting fragrance that can be used in food preparation areas, which means this product is also food safe. Available in 10 litre sachets.

All of the packaging used for EnviroShot is fully compostable and our product formulas are 100% biodegradable  Thanks to the lightweight capsule design there is a 95% reduction in transport emissions compared to 5l containers of ready to use solution

  • 80 Capsules Per Box (1 Capsule – 5L of Solution)
  • Free from Single Use Plastics
  • Dries Rapidly Without Residue
  • Reduced Risk of Mixing Chemicals
Floor and Hard Surface Degreaser

£20.89 Price ex VAT


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