Alcohol Foam Sanitiser Bundle
(Includes Dispenser)

£19.95 Price ex VAT

Symmetry’s foamed hand sanitiser contains 70% (v/v) alcohol and 2000 0.6 ml shots per refill. Unlike many other sanitisers Symmetry contains Aloe and Vitamin E to help condition the skin and prevent hands from drying out after repeated use.

Each refill guarantees 99% product evacuation and contains up to 34.5x less packaging that other ridged cartridge systems. Thanks to the use of medical grade ethyl Symmetry hand sanitiser leaves no sticky residue and every shot is fragrance with a mild sweet smell.

Each dispenser has an anti-microbial coating preventing the growth of any germs. The perfect solution to ensuring better hygiene, our compact units are ideal for placing in key areas to protect against the spread of COVID-19, and other harmful viruses.

Key Features and Benefits

2000 shots per refill
Contain Vitamin E and Aloe
99.99% product evacuation
35x less plastic that other systems
Anti-microbial coating

Alcohol Foam Sanitiser Bundle
(Includes Dispenser)

£19.95 Price ex VAT


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(Includes Dispenser)”

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