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About Us!
Shorrock Trichem is a leading Hygiene and Janitorial Supplier based in Atherton, Manchester. As a company, we have supplied various Health Authorities throughout the North West and Wirral Regions for the last 20 years. We have a full range of hygiene and cleaning materials available that are more than capable of maintaining any standards that are set. We have al the latest technology available for any new and innovative products that are available in the market place.

As a company, we can offer the following different packages:

1)      Kitchen Hygiene
2)      Dishwashing Chemicals
3)      Hygiene Cloths
4)      COSHH
5)      Dishwashing Supply, Servicing & Maintenance
6)      Food Safety Standards Training
7)      Food Sample Testing
8)      Surface Swab Testing

Kitchen Hygiene
All products supplied can be utilized through Shorrock Trichem Dispensing Equipment in various formats. We can dispense over-sink via sink pumps or Pelican Pumps and for general cleaning materials we can offer Mixing Stations in order to dispense finished product at pre-arranged dispensing levels.

Dishwashing Chemicals
We have a full range of dishwashing chemicals available for various water hardnesses, pack sizes and even a fully solid system that is unique to Shorrock Trichem. All chemicals can be dispensed via Shorrock Trichem Dispensing Equipment fully installed by our in-house technicians.

Hygiene Cloths
We offer a full range of Hygiene Cloths colour coded to designated areas as specified by our clients.

We carry out regular COSHH talks in order to ensure that all members of staff are trained and re-trained at regular intervals.

Dishwashing Supply, Servicing & Maintenance
We can supply a full range of Dishwashers capable of coping with the largest of requirements. These machines are maintained and serviced by our qualified engineers including installation and extended warranties. We are also capable of maintaining all makes and models of machines with service available 365 days per year through our dedicated service line.

Food Safety Standards Training
We can offer all levels of Food Safety Training either in-house on your premises or at our purpose-built training room at Atherton.

Food Sample Testing
This is carried out on a regular basis in order to ensure required levels of bacteriological activity are maintained and monitored.

Surface Swab Testing
This is carried out on a regular basis in order to test and record levels of bacteriological activity on food surfaces and equipment.

We are prepared to carry out CONTROLLED trials in order to ascertain and certify that all packages that we offer are competitively priced.
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