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Ideal for use in surgeries, hospitals and first-aid rooms, this range of services provides for the safe and hygienic disposal of all sharps, medical and clinical waste. Importantly too, our units are distinctive in appearance, fully secure and tested to meet BS7320:1990. Combined with our own high quality service standards, this ensures full compliance with all legislative requirements.
All sharps bins are clearly marked with relevant warnings for safe usage. It is imperative that all clinical blades, broken glass, syringes and needles etc. are disposed of safely and this system meets all these requirements.

  • Totally discreet and professional service provided in situ.
  • Clinical, medical and sharps disposal services are fully Environmental Protection Act and "Duty of Care" compliant.
  • Safe and hygienic disposal by our own operatives.
  • All Audit Trail and Waste Transfer Note documentation is supplied by us.
  • Sharps units are easy to operate, with a rotary "open, close & lock" closure mechanism.
  • Distinctive colouring and clear labelling.
  • Sharps units are UN tested and certified to BS7320:1990.
  • Emergency call out service.
  • Free installation.
  • Flexible payment options, including Direct Debit payment facility.

45 Litre
Medical Waste Unit
5 Litre
Sharps Unit and Pharmaceuticals Unit

It is a requirement of the law that all employers are legally bound to make first aid provision for all employees.
Shorrock Trichem’s first aid systems enable you to comply with the requirements of the 1990 Approved Code of Practise to the Health and Safety First Aid Regulations with the most advanced development in such systems.
All our dispensers can be wall mounted or free standing which makes the system more portable and convenient to use. The impressive streamline design also prevents dust getting into the products thus eliminating product contamination.

  • Totally discreet and professional service provided in situ.
  • The most advanced development in first aid service.
  • Full compliance with Health & Safety Executive guidelines.
  • Highest quality, approved products.
  • Pilfer-proof plaster dispenser.
  • Room thermometer on exterior of the unit.
  • Emergency call out service.
  • Free installation.
  • Flexible payment options, including Direct Debit payment facility.
first-aid.jpg An equally as attractive, practical and innovative sterile eye wash station is available as part of our first aid service. Once again it complies with HSE guidelines and contains sterile eye pads, 20ml Steriflow pods for acid alkali accidents, 1ml saline minipods, dry-up tissues and tamper-proof eye wash bottles.
First Aid Kit Specifications

Accident report book
First aid pen
First aid guidance leaflet
First aid gloves, bag of 2 pairs
No. 16 eye dressing
Triangular bandage
Safety pins, pack of 12
Medium dressing
Large dressing
Alcohol-free wipe, pack of 10
Plasters, Blue, 7cm x 4.8cm
Pilferproof plaster, Blue, 24 x 70mm
Pilferproof plaster, Blue, 3.8 x 3.8mm
Surgical tape, 2.5cm x 5m
Vent aid


Water proof blue plasters are available for food preparation areas.


Emergency Call out
All our operatives can be contacted on mobile phones ensuring the highest standard of call out service.


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