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Full Safety Audit (excludes leisure):
A full safety audit compromises of a detailed look at all safety related records such as fire, maintenance, lift & boiler maintenance, training records, water testing, asbestos register, permits to work, accident book and other related documentation.

The audit includes a walk round of the site, encompassing emergency exit routes, fire doors, extinguishers and any hazardous practices that were identified.

Leisure Audit:
A detailed audit of the health club ensuring documentation such as operating procedures, emergency action plans, risk & COSHH assessments are all in place and of an acceptable standard.

The audit also looks at both internal and external water test results, the standard of staff training and an overall view on cleanliness and condition of each area.

Site inspections are similar to the audits, but more of an overview as opposed to the in depth detailed audit. They are also usually unannounced giving you a view of what is happening on any given day.

Kitchen Inspection:
This is a brief overview of the kitchen to ensure that the kitchen / food preparation areas are acceptable. Ensuring compliance with the law / company policy in relation to all aspects of safety.

Advice & Consultancy Services:
Where necessary we can provide on site advice and assistance, this would normally be agreed prior to arrival. Examples of these occasions would be: meeting with local enforcement officers, investigating serious accidents and insurance claims, investigating food poisoning allegations (where deemed necessary).

Accident Reporting & Monitoring:
Monitor all reportable accidents and report on behalf of the company and where required to investigate on site. The sites initially ring through the accidents and then email a completed accident form to us. We then report to the Incident Contact Centre and if necessary arrange for an investigation report to be completed by the site management. Where especially dangerous and /or fatal incidents have occurred we would personally carry out investigations. We normally can arrive on site within 4 hours of being informed, thus able to assist the management and also defuse the situation.

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