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nectar-fly-unitDiscreet and highly effective, Nectar offers a unique in-counter solution, designed to specifically offer protection against wasps, fruit flies and other flying insects.

Nectar keeps food display units free from unhygienic pests in confectionary counters, salad bars, meat, deli and fresh produce counters, using a range of food-safe methods to attract pests which have entered the counter away from food. The wasp killer uses a combination of high efficacy Synergetic dual wavelength light, liquid wasp attractant and attractant impregnated glueboards to lure insects away from even the most attractive in counter produce.

Nectar has a range of features to make the unit even more desirable to food service clients, featuring a light shield for even greater discretion plus in-counter advertising clips to hold promotional signage and offers. The complementing range of Nectar consumables are manufactured from natural ingredients and are food-safe to give your customer full peace of mind.

As well as offering a food-safe solution for clients, the unit is designed for ease of servicing, with quick and easy to change GlupacĀ® glueboards, and can also be wall mounted as an uplighter, making it an essential part of the
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