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cobra-fly-killerCOBRA has been designed and developed to offer the most efficient glue board insect control system available.

The NEW & INNOVATIVE translucent technology incorporated in the Cobra enhances the UV light intensity compared to similar types of units. This unique UV dispersing technology allows the light to shine from the front, top and sides covering large areas and thus increasing the fly catch – even for small flies.

Our extensive research has identified that shape and colour as well as light output, influences the number of insects attracted. The Cobra design includes all of these features. In addition, the unit is fitted with a UV light reflecting louvre panel behind the tubes to further enhance the output. The louvre also provides the further benefit of hiding the insects from view and provides discreet insect control for public sensitive areas.

The two specially formulated control boards ensure that once inside the insects are permanently trapped. The Cobra glue boards have a huge 1400 sq cms (216 sq ins.) of insect retaining area which can be changed both quickly and easily.

The large insect retaining area makes it ideal for heavily infested premises, as it needs to be replaced less frequently. During independent testing Cobra Translucent has proved to be the most effective product within its class and has consistently outperformed other units with more than twice the light output.

The Cobra can be supplied in 30W or 45W variants with either translucent or grey covers.
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