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  • Bulk soap and hand cleansers
  • Foam and lotion soap cartridge systems
  • Heavy duty hand cleaners cartridge systems
  • Foam and gel sanitisers
  • Protective & reconditioning creams
  • Hotel complimentary soap and lotions

As you can see, we offer a very wide range of skincare products.
We have products and systems to meet the needs of commercial, industrial, food manufacturing, medical, leisure and hospitality markets.

Bulk soap hand cleansers offer low unit cost products for use in most bulk fill dispensers.
Heavy duty beaded hand cleanser need to be dispensed through the correct type of dispensers.

Foam soap and sanitiser cartridge systems deliver low cost in use, hygienic dispensing and reduced packaging waste.
Products and dispensers available from Deb Ltd, Kimberly Clark, Georgia Pacific and other leading manufacturers.
Contact us for free advice, surveys and skincare audits.

Heavy duty hand cleansers:

From liquid soap to special cleansers, these products are designed to meet the tough demands of industry.
Oils, inks, resins and dyes can all be removed using the correct product. Available in 2Litre and 4Litre cartridge systems, we recommend that they are used in conjunction with an appropriate protective cream & reconditioning cream. (3 step skincare system)

Protective & reconditioning creams:
These provide part of an effective 3 step skincare package designs to protect the skin, where frequent washing or heavy soiling occurs.
Suitable for medical, industrial and food industry applications.

Hotel complimentary products
Ask your local area manager for details on our range of soaps, lotions, shampoos and gels. Our range of high quality products, compliment the most prestige washroom and hotel environments.


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