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Toilet Tissue:
We offer a comprehensive range of soft toilet rolls, jumbo, compact and bulk pack toilet tissue systems providing controlled dispensing, low cost in use, reduced maintenance and improved hygiene.

Soft Toilet Rolls:
Our range offers you economy 200 and 320 sheet rolls through to high quality branded bathroom tissue – Kleenex, Nouvelle and Andrex.

Jumbo Toilet Rolls:
Mini, standard and maxi jumbo roll systems available provide low cost in use and less maintenance.
Kleenex, Scott, Smart One, and unbranded systems. A variety of plastic and stainless steel dispensers are available. Suitable for high traffic environments.

Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue:
Kleenex, Scott and unbranded products are available. Dispensed through a range of plastic and stainless steel dispensers, it provides, hygienic, single sheet dispensing, a top up facility and the smaller dispensers are ideal for small cubicles and low traffic environments.

Compact Systems:
These offer compact dispensing systems with 2 or more high capacity rolls. High capacity compact systems provide a top-up facility, excellent cost in use and low maintenance; systems are available from Metsa Serla, Georgia Pacific and Connect Hygiene (formerly Kruger)

Hand Towels:
We stock a comprehensive range of folded and roll hand towels.
Folded: C-Fold, Z-Fold and interfold towels available in 1, 2 and 3 ply
Rolls: 1 and 2 ply rolls dispensed using lever controlled, hands free and auto dispensers. System available from Kimberly Clark, Georgia Pacific, Connect Hygiene (formerly Kruger) and Metsa Serla.

Our range of wipers is very extensive and offers a selection of paper, non-woven and textile products. From precision wipers to heavy industrial wipers we have a product to meet your wiping requirements.

These are available in many dispensing formats; quarter folded, centre-feed, brag box, 25cm and 50cm rolls and giant industrial rolls. A selection of dispensing formats offers a solution for fixed and mobile applications.
Paper is available in 1, 2 and 3 ply tissue and Kimberly Clark “Airflex” base sheet offering a range of products from light duty wipers to heavy duty super absorbent wipers.

Non Woven Wipers:
Our range of non woven wipers is designed to meet the needs of low lint precision applications to medium and heavy duty applications.
Kimberly Clark, Vileda and many unbranded products available.
Color coded cloths – for food industry and food retail applications
High absorbency cloths – for quick and easy removal fluids.
Low lint wipers – for clean environments, light and heavy duty.
Heavy duty cloths – Wypall X 70 and X 80 tough low linting wipers for heavy duty applications.
Dispensing formats – Quarter folded, pop-up boxes, brag boxes, centre-feed and giant rolls.

Textile Wipers:
We stock a selection of poly wrapped wipers ranging from mixed colored wipers for low cost applications to high quality wipers like Cut linen, cotton sheeting and white terry toweling.


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