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We offer a full range of janitorial products to meet the needs of the hospitality, medical, food industry and commercial markets.

Mops and mop systems:
Traditional twine and py, dolly and Kentucky mops, hygiene mopheads and handles. Modern flat mop systems utilizing microfibre technology for easy and efficient mopping of large areas.
Full range of standard mop, Kentucky mop and flatmop buckets available.

Full range of wooden and colour coded plastic brushes, squeegees and handles available

A wide selection of buckets, bowls and bins. High quality waste bins also available in chrome & stainless steel.

Plastic bags:
We offer an extensive range of refuse sacks in all sizes and colours as well as a range of food retail bags and snap seal bags.

Trolleys and carts:
We can offer products from Vileda, Contico and many other manufacturers. Let us know your requirements and we will provide a product to suit.

Extensive range of floor pads available from stock, plus we can supply vacuum cleaners, buffing machines, scrubber driers, extraction cleaners and wet pickup machines.

If you have a requirement for any odd items then please contact us, we may have it on the shelf.


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