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Whether you're a hotel, leisure centre, nursing home, medical centre or a contract cleaner we have a range of products to meet all your cleaning requirements.

  • Floorcare
  • Washroom
  • Air care
  • General
  • Laundry

A range of floor sealers, polishes and maintainers provide a prestige finish to your wooden, linoleum, marble or tile floors. Products available from Johnson diversey, Selden & Evans Vanodine.

A range of products to clean and disinfect all hard surfaces, WC's, urinals and shower areas. See also environmentally friendly range of products that not only help our environment, but clean efficiently and reduce your costs.

Products from Selden, Evans Vanodine, Johnson Diversey, Deb Ltd, Bio productions and PVA.

A range of fresheners and odour neutralizers available in aerosol, trigger and 5Ltr sizes. For discrete and controlled air management we can offer, for sale or on service a range of automatic aircare dispensers. See Washroom for Aircare System services.

We stock a very comprehensive range of house keeping products many of which are for general cleaning tasks, although others are for more specific requirements.

  • Polishes for wood and hard surfaces available in aerosol, trigger and 5Ltr
  • Glass cleaners
  • Stain removers for carpet and upholstery
  • Carpet cleaners - shampoos and extraction cleaners
  • Chewing gum and graffiti removers
  • Biological cleaners for urine and other bio matter

Our range of laundry products includes bio and non bio powders and a range of liquid detergents, fabric softeners, destainers and brighteners.

For optimum results we provide auto dosed liquid systems for efficient management and cost control. Also available powder and liquid detergents that offer effective kill rates against MRSA at low temperatures.



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