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At Shorrock trichem we recognize the need for our company, our suppliers & customers to operate in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner for the benefit of everyone. We are committed to improving the way we operate in terms of working alongside our suppliers and our customers to develop and promote products and systems that support good environment practices.

Paper Products:
Kimberly Clark, SCA, Metsa Serla & Disposable UK are our main supplier of paper products. They all promote environmental responsibility for reducing their environmental impact in terms of waste, water pollution or emissions.
Products are manufactured using pulp sourded from sustainable soft wood forest or from recycled fibre. Our key suppliers use accredited FSC forest which ensures that for each felled, 3 new ones are planted. Recycle pulp helps reduce the impact and land fill and consequently reduces the emission of greenhouse gases.
Roll control, Non-stop jumbo, Smart one Revolution, Reflex, Katrin system toilet roll and hand towels are just a few of the systems that we can offer.
What is good about all these systems? Well not only do they help the environment, they save you money!

Chemical Products:

Our environmentally friendly chemicals fall into 2 categories those that work on the principal of dilution control and reduces waste packaging and those utilising natural sustainable raw materials.
X-cellent and Soludoz systems provide controlled dosing of super concentrate products, their key benefits are low cost in use, reduced storage and reducing packaging waste by up to 90% less when compared to traditional products.
Our envirological range has been formulated to minimise the impact of each product on the environment whilst not compromising quality or performance. They utilise raw materials from renewable resources, are fully biodegradable & use recycled or recyclable packaging.

Bio Range:
A recent development in culturing specific bacteria has lead to the introduction of limited number of “Bacter” based cleaning products.
These are low hazard and do not use harmful chemicals, quickly biodegrading after use.
Bluaway, Microclean and Bioblocks are three leading products.

Microfibre Products:
Microfibre cloths & mops provide effective cleaning without the use of chemicals. The cloths clean glass, stainless steel and other hard surfaces quickly and efficiently when used with clean water and leave no smears.
A number of mop systems are available that incorporate microfibre technology providing fast and efficient cleaning.


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